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Since the late 1940s when Thomas J. Wheeler started their first stone quarry, we’ve been hard at work serving homeowners and masonry professionals in the central Indiana region, expanding as our customers’ needs required.

Today, we are pleased to continue the tradition, providing a complete selection of quality products—including landscaping blocks and pavers. Our experienced staff complements an excellent product selection with the service and knowledge you need to do the best job possible. See the options available here and let us know how we can help you.


Retaining Walls

We stock the Mesa Brand of retaining wall blocks. These are available in two sizes and are made with a straight split (rough) face.

  • Mesa Gardner – This is the smaller block ideal for do-it-yourselfer building a retaining wall less than 3 feet tall. The Gardener unit is 4” high x 12” long x9” and is available in standard gray and tan with other colors available upon request.
  • Mesa Standard – This is a bigger block for properly designed walls exceeding 4 feet in these walls can easily exceed 20 ft. deep and is available in gray and tan. Each block uses 2 standard connectors which can be faced forward for a near vertical wall or backward. These connectors give a positive connection to the Geo-grid that is generally required for walls above 4 feet.
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Pine Hall Pavers

Wheeler Corporation carries best-quality pavers for your landscaping needs. Pine Hall makes a paver that is rated PBX for quality and exceeds 13,000 psi. Because these pavers are made of kiln fired clay, they will look as good in 20 years as they look today. Contact us today to find out how we can help make your next job a big success.

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Other Paver Options