Masonry Colors

Below you will find thumb nail pictures of our masonry colors.  When you click on a color, a bigger picture will appear.  The colors at the bottom with number designations that start with the letters ESH are made so that they will be in the light weight block category.

Birch (EL16)

Birch (EL16)

Burnt Sienna (ES6)

Burnt Sienna (ES6)

Driftwood (ES32)

Driftwood (ES32)

ES48 - FV3 Red PL 2

FV3 Red (ES48)

ESH 1 - AB Tan PL3

AB Tan (ESH 1)


ES1 - Auburn PL3

Auburn (ES1)

ES18 - Coppertone 1 PL1

Coppertone 1 (ES18)

ES44 - FV1 Red PL1

FV1 Red (ES44)

ES61 - Maroon 1S PL1

Maroon 1 S (ES61)

ESH 3 - HPB Gunmetal Gray PL2

HPB Gunmetal Gray (ESH 3)

ES71 - Mohawk 2 S A

Mohawk 2 S (ES71)

ES73 - Mohawk 7 PL3

Mohawk 7 (ES73)

ES79 - Onyx Haze PL1

Onyx Haze (ES79)

ES90 - Silvertone 1S PL1

Silvertone 1 S (ES90)

ESH 5 Midnight Black 6 PL1

Midnight Black 6 (ESH 5)

ES106 - Umber Tan PL3

Umber Tan (ES106)

ES 111 - Walnut Brown 2 PL 2

Walnut Brown 2 (ES 111)

ES68 - MB7 PL2

Midnight Black 7 (ES68)

ES105 - Terra Cotta PL3

Terra Cotta (ES105)

ESH 7 - TC2 PL3

TC2 (ESH 7)


HPB Burnt Sienna 1 (ESH2)