Because of our history in the manufacture of concrete products and of the masonry industry,  we feel like we are well qualified to assist you in your masonry needs.   Contact us about our blocks, available in many shapes, sizes, colors and textures. We’ll help you make your next masonry job extraordinary!

Faces and Textures

Typical faces and textures that you can request for your next job: If you don’t see what you want, please contact us about a custom request.


With a long history of concrete block manufacturing, Wheeler Corporation is uniquely suited to provide you with the shapes you need. See our catalog for a list of all the shapes that we manufacture. We also stock some shapes not listed here which we purchase from other manufacturers.

Block Color Chart

Through the years, we have developed a wide range of colors to fit most needs.   If you don’t see the color you want, let us know. We have a library of special colors that we have developed in our own color lab that may fit your needs.

If you click the “Block Color Chart” link above, you will see some of our colors.  Please note that you must specify the complete name and color number to make sure you get the color you want.  It is best to see an actual color sample before making your decision because your monitor may display these colors differently than ours.

Please note: An integral water repellant additive to the block will help keep the inside of your building dry. This system requires a water repellant additive in the mortar a weep system and good masonry practices. A surface applied sealer will provide your building with an extra layer of protection and may help enhance your blocks color.  Please remember to specify water repellant in your plans.

Mortar Coloring

When choosing colored masonry, it is also important to consider the color of the mortar joint.  Some designers choose to match the color of the masonry and some choose to contrast with a lighter color or standard gray.  Either way, it is important to specify your choice of mortar color.

You can select premixed colored mortar or you can choose bags of pigment to be added to a bag of standard gray mortar.  The bags of pigment come in A, H, and X series. The A series has 4 lbs. of pigment per bag, H has 2 lbs. per bag and X has 1 lb. per bag.   The X Series is the most economical but has less color and the A is the most expensive but gives the most dramatic effect.                                   See  Solomon Colors for bags of pigment and Essroc Mortar to view colors of pre-mixed colored mortar.

Craftsman Brick

Our multi-colored Craftsman Brick brings together the look of real brick and the economy of block construction. You get a single-wythe structural masonry unit with the look of brick veneer in a single step. Our colors add a rich feel to your building while providing a cost-effective solution.

Masonry Accessories consist of some of the “Behind the scenes” type of items such as flashing, weeps and wall reinforcement needed for standard masonry construction.  We stock many items from Hohman and Barnard as well as others.

Gallery of Block Jobs

Wheeler Corporation Block Special Items

With a long history of innovation in the block industry, Wheeler is uniquely able to provide the shapes you need. Always striving to make good products better: We have developed new shapes, including the Wide Flange L block, the 888 Half Split/Half Smooth block, the Wheeler Flourish, the 404SF and the 840SBV1. Give us a call if you need a. special shape not listed here; we are always interested in the possibility of developing a new product.

  • Wide Flange L: Created to address the need for a 1” air gap as required in the International Building Code, our L block offers an extra 5/8” which allows the bricks to be moved away from the wall board structure behind the bricks. Using this block to form a brick ledge on an 8” wide foundation, gives the mason the extra space he needs to produce an air void to help prevent moisture from making the jump from the back of the brick to the wall where it can cause much damage. See our flyer for further information.
  • Wheeler Flourish: This patented block is 8” wide, 4” thick, with a fancy bullnose and cove cross-section, perfect for many details. It can be used as a windowsill, a transition from split masonry to brick, and give your new building that extra flair you’ve been looking for.
  • 888: The 888, half split and half smooth, was invented to solve the problem of an inside split face corner. the 888, the mason is required to but a split-faced block up against another split-faced block, making the mortar joint look messy because of the irregular face. Our block allows the mason to lay a smooth face against the smooth end of a split block, allowing for a much cleaner looking joint. Our 888 also allows the House V, the Sun or the Ascendant mason to create an 8” smooth border around a. attaching a dock seal to a split face wall. This capability was previously only available with a column of stacked 8” smooth halves that were not tied to the rest of the building.
  • 888 Return: During development of 888, we discovered that we could take this block a step further and produce an 888 half split half smooth return corner.
  • 404 SF: Designed as a bullnose accent in a splitface wall, the 404 SF can also be used as an accent in a brick wall. This block is split to accommodate the bed depth needed and the split side is not seen.
  • Wheeler Bushing: Stops corrosion of anchor bolts that come in contact with treated wood.

Design Ideas

You’re welcome to view some designs that may work to dress up or improve your building, including privacy walls that look as good on one side as they do on the other, offering high security and great aesthetic appeal.

Green Building Practices

We are taking the “LEAD” in providing masonry products that use REcycled MAterialS to help COnserve the earth’s REsources. That’s what our REMASCORE concrete blocks are all about.

When requested, we can make our blocks from raw materials which are manufactured from items that would normally find their ways into our landfills and water ways, such as steel slag. Find out more about building greener with Wheeler Corporation blocks.

Smart Wall Certification

We are certified by the Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate Institute as a producer of Smart Wall, a high performance lightweight concrete block. Read more about Smart Wall right here!

Water Repellency

We use a special blend of chemicals to produce a block that is water repellent, an attribute integral to and existing throughout the body of the block. A chemical must be added to the mortar to make it water repellent along with best masonry practices to help insure that the wall stays dry on the inside of the building.  Adding a high quality sealer will give an added layer of protection to your job.

Colored Masonry Cleaners & Sealers

Because masonry smears are inevitable, most colored masonry jobs have to be cleaned to ensure the best possible look. We recommend using cleaners tested for effectiveness with colored masonry. We also recommend that muriatic acids not be used as they can stain colored blocks. Finally, blocks should be sealed with sealing compounds that have been proven to work with concrete masonry. See the following links for more details about Prosoco’s cleaners and sealers.  Click here Prosoco Custom Masonry Cleaner.  Click here for Prosoco Block Guard and Grafitti Control II sealer.


Estimator Guide

You can use this guide to help figure out the quantities of materials that your job requires. These are “rule of thumb” estimates only.

Good Masonry Practices

Using the good masonry practices in this guide will help eliminate many common problems.

Further Information

We’re interested in supporting your building practice. You can access the NCMA TEK NOTES by clicking this link to them thru one of our suppliers, Hydraulic Press Brick company.